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Are they heavy?

Polymer clay is VERY lighweight. you won’t even feel them on!

Can I cancel or return an item?

Yes! Please reach out on our contact page for any concerns. Add the word “RETURN” on the subject line.

How to protect your earrings?

Your handmade clay jewelry can scratch easily so avoid contact with other sharp metal jewelry. Please be careful with them as they can break!

You can clean our products by softly rubbing alcohol over any dirty areas.

If your earrings have tassels make sure to store flat to avoid bending. If bending happens you can use a humidifier or a steamer to striaghten (or a blow dryer on low heat)

Any metal on the jewelry can tarnish over time so avoid exposure to liquids or moisture.



Our standard shipping takes 3 business days to arrive once you receive a shipping confirmation email. We try our very best to shop out items as soon as an order is placed. Please feel free to email with any shipping concerns!

We do not process overnight shipping.